sent in an ipod touch for a simple button and processor fix, and was returned broken even more with the same problems not fixed

sent it back for those original problems including a small screen issue and when returned the screen had a huge distortion when touched and it fell off completely. after a quick computer scan on the ipod found a virus that was planted in the ipod's hard-drive when it was at the company.

sent it back in..again... and it had been returned with nothing fixed and the screen was broke even more.

sent it in again for a refund and replace, with information that i was promised a call from the manager of the repair division to discuss info; i waited three days no call and they instead sent the ipod back and claimed they repaired it.

in each repair they never payed attention to what was in the "needs repair" spot of the repair list. its annoying because the last round i sent it in, with a copy of past "repair" lists.it had gotten ignored completely.

it has been 8 months since i first tried to get my ipod touch fixed and its broke even more than when i sent it in. i only bought it from that certain store because of this "warranty" that was available there.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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