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My son’s Samsung tablet’s screen was damaged on July 10, 2013. I filed a claim with Product assist which is the company I bought a warranty through in February 2013 when purchasing the product at the Walmart store.

They emailed me a UPS label on July 10, 2013 with the tracking # 1ZA9V0479051959238. I dropped this package off at my local UPS store on July 12 2013 and it was signed for by BLEUER on 7/17/13 at 4:40 am. I have since called product assist several times and have gotten several different answers. I called on 7/23/13 and was told it takes 7-10 business days and to call back next week, but was unable to get a status of the repair.

I then called on 7/29 and spoke to Beth who told me it was done and shipped out on the 19th. When I asked for the tracking number she gave me the one I used to send to them. When I asked her for the correct tracking number the phone was disconnected. I proceeded to call back and then spoke to Alisha who forwarded me to her supervisor Julie.

When I explained the whole situation again she stated it would take 1 business day to hear from the company. I told her that was poor customer service and could I have a number to call and find out myself. She declined. I told her I was leaving for vacation in one week and needed this tablet for my son that has disabilities for the plane ride.

She apologized and said there was nothing more she would do. I said she could send me an e gift card so I could replace it prior to leaving and she stated she couldn’t do that at this time. On 7/30/13 I called back and spoke with Ben who told me Sarah would get back to me by the end of the day today. I told him that is what I keep getting told and no one is calling me back.

He then transferred me to his supervisor Richard. Richard told me it was going to be another 1-2 days to hear anything. I asked him for the number to the company that had the tablet and he did give it to me. I then proceeded to call Warranty Logistics and spoke with Maurice who after speaking with the service center told me it was delivered on the 12th.

When I explained the situation to him and said I feel like you guys have lost the tablet and are giving me the runaround he put me on hold again. He came back on the line and said I see it was signed for on the 17th but was not assigned to a technician, so they are looking for it now. I said so that means if you do have it nothing has been done with it this whole time. He said yes and that someone would call me later today.

When I go onto the website to check the status it just says the label has been sent to me to send the product to them.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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same *** has happening to me

to rieanna #741561

I went to the attorney general and then continued to call the company and requested to talk to someone above the person I was dealing with. Although they would tell me no one was available I just continued to be a b*tch and i did finally talk to some one who listened to me and sent a replacement check out to me. Good luck with everything

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