I bought my laptop at a major retailer, Less than one month my screen was shot and needed repair. I called the manufacturer and they were zero help. but thanks to having purchased an extended service agreement. I could have it repaired. The repair was done very quick and the item returned quick.

What my issue is the shipping. I boxed my laptop in its original carton took the time to pack it very well. When my laptop was returned. first thing I noticed was a rattling noise when the ups man delivered it. When I opened the box, well there was my laptop, power cord and battery lying loose in the box. not in the original box it was so nicely packed in when I sent it to then.

So now I do not have the original box and I have a laptop that now has scratches all over the case from their poor packing.

I know what most of you are thinking that original box not a big issue and my repair was done. and that my computer would get scratched over time. But wrong They should take pride in returning the items to the customer. This was after all a computer that was less than a month old.

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