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On 09/26/13 I contacted Warranty Logistics and explained to Dane that my Kindle Fire won't power up and after trying a couple things he assigned me work order #71168271 and told me to expect a return mailing label sent to me so I could ship my Kindle device back for repair.

After waiting for the label until 10/02/13 I called back and talked to Sharika (excuse my spelling if the name is not correct). She determined Dane had the wrong email address for me and assured me I would get the label in 2 business days or less.

Friday the 4th came and still no label so I called back and talked to Glady's and she verified Sharika had the correct email and told me I would receive the label no later than Saturday morning. Still no label.

I have gone a week and a half since first contacting you and haven't been able to even get a return mailing label much less get my Kindle repaired.

Is there another level of support I can talk to?

Sams Club is a reputable company so when I bought the extended warranty I just assumed it would be a reliable company also.

I will give you my information again in an attempt to get the warranty service I paid for.

My email address is : LAWRENCEHOUSEMAN9@MSN.COM

The following is the rest of my information:

Larry Houseman

657 Cambridge Dr

Muskegon, MI 49441



Monetary Loss: $200.

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My notebook was sent to Warranty Logistics 2 times. The 1st time there was no problem with the box arriving on time, but the second time I went through the same problem as Larry...talked to Nate, Michelle, Shasta, Dennis, and supposedly the supervisor would come on the line. The static was too bad to wait after 31 minutes passed.

I contacted Warranty Logistics today to let them know my notebook was still running hot and I rarely used it. There are 2 fans running under the laptop to keep it cooled. I, too, bought the extended warranty after purchasing the notebook from Walmart. HP's warranty was for a year, so I assumed this would give me a 3-years warranty. I was told TODAY, my warranty expired 11-26-12.

I called Walmart to complain and waited and waited, and then I kept calling back. The manager was gone to lunch at 11:24 and I was told 40 minutes later the manager wouldn't be in until 1:30 PM. It is now 5:15 PM and I haven't heard a word.

DO NOT BUY WARRANTIES FROM WAL-MART OR SAM'S CLUB! WARRANTY LOGISTICS is a big RIP-OFF COMPANY! Wait until the warranty runs out before purchasing from the manufacturer. This is the only way you won't be ripped off!

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