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My Vizio TV had some picture issues.

Warranty Logistics returned the TV in the exact same condition without making repairs. Per the paper the TV passed their functional tests however they obviously didn't read my description of the problem. My TV has faint white lines that is mainly noticeable on black scenes. You can see the lines faintly when watching non black scenes. You can only see them if you have a source hooked up.

I tried multiple different sources with the same problem. I'm positive they did not hook up a video source to the HDMI ports to test this out or else they would have blatantly saw the issue. Instead they returned it to me stating the problem is from an external source.

This is very irritating and I guess this is a lesson learned to "NEVER" buy a cheap TV from Walmart especially if its refurbished. What a waste of money buying a warranty!

Monetary Loss: $299.

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Had the same problem with my vizio 27" tv from Sam's club, bought the warranty. It would make a loud noise with lines in the picture the go black then come back on. This will be the second time sent back.

They told me on the phone they make four attempts.

Had a camera to take pictures of the screen,sent them along.

Waiting to see if it gets fixed this time

to St louis guy Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #596350

:( Got my Vizio 27" TV back from Warranty Logistics for the second time. Right out of thr box same proublem,i had sent photos and a list of problems.(BACK AGAIN SAME PROUBLEM!!!!) keep you posted. :(

to St louis guy Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #625824

The fourth time back they may have fixed the problem. Now a new problem.

The skip channel won't work. They said this is new issue and counts as a first time problem. I told them that i didn't have this problem before and that i had sent back 4 times for the same thing.

They told me that that it only counted as 3 times because the 4th time was considered a Diagnostic evaluation recall. :( :x :(

to St louis guy Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #637027

:( With some argument Finally got a refund on my Visio TV :)


Back in feb of this year I got a vizio 42 3d tv from Walmart. We love the tv.everything about it was perfect until my kids threw a wii controller threw it busted the screen I wanted to know if the warranty covered to get it fix

to Everett, Washington, United States #599932

Your kids threw something at the screen and thus THEY broke the LCD. This is not a defect, nor manufacturing flaw.

It is abuse plain and simple. Vizio has no obligation to cover repairs. Read their warranty: VIZIO’s one-year limited warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship.

This warranty does not cover, for example: cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear, improper operation, improper voltage supply or power surges, signal issues, damages from shipping, acts of God, any type of customer misuse, modifications or adjustments, as well as installation and set-up issues or any repairs attempted by anyone other than by a VIZIO authorized service center. While you're at it, teaching better behavior would be time well spent too.


I also have a Vizio TV from Sams Club with the Warranty Logistics plan. Sent it two time for same problem and still does not work correctly.

Last time there was not even a not advising me of what they did. Nothing.

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