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I sent my ps3 in two times after it wont load discs and the *** don't do a *** thing about it. We're sending it a third time and hopefully these *** come to their senses and just give me the money for a new one but if they dont, im reporting them to the Better Business bureau...

faggots are only trying to scam us into finally just saying *** it im not dealing with these guys anymore. I've read hundreds of posts sayiong how many times people have sent *** in and how they dont send stuff back and all of that. I'm sick and tired and just want to play MW3 without some *** "mechanics" trying to stick their *** in my machine to see if it works after that. The thing wouldnt LOAD discs, and the retards replaced my HARD DRIVE.

What's this? Now i have a broken system AND lost all of my data

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have they fixed your ps3 cause i sent mine in with the same problem

to jarhead Milpitas, California, United States #591103

they fixed my ps3 that was not reading disc but now it makes a loud popping noise and when i put a disc in it makes a werid noise idk but it does read disc now


I just sent my apple I Mac. Took pic.

Of. It.

The hard drive don't work got it jun 10 of last year hope like *** they don't mess it up and I don't won't no use parts al so when I get it. Iam gonig to take it to apple to make sure they don't what they say and it better be just like I gave it to them 2 because I got pic if not my auntiee is the head manger at b b b


what is the CEOs email address? I need to contact him --no response after they broke the screen and refused to repair my ipod


I ended up getting screwed by them too, I ended up finding the e-mail of the ceo of the company I bought my ps3 from and got taken care of. Go over there head and do not give up. These people are horrible and you will not go anywhere with this company.

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