Not resolved

I called them with my problem they could not fix it over the phone . I sent in the lap top.

10 days later it returned untouched. Called spoke to Rick employee # 505434

Who wad extremely rude . I asked for a refund for my policy. Mr personality states

I need to mail my original sales slip to him. I said you know I'm a customer you

Have all my info. He stated you need to send you sales slip. I asked to speak to a higher

Supervisor he said one would call me in a few days.. worst company I have ever dealt

With hands down! Would never use them again!

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We sent our computer to Warranty Logistics, we received their standard email of "received" and so happy to "repair". We received a phone call from very rude individuals in customer service stating they would not fix the laptop due to being dropped.

This laptop had a screen issue. I expressed that the laptop would have considerable damage internally as well as the screen. HP hands down were committed to taking care of any and all warranty items. As soon as we had to rely on the "extended warranty" then the nightmare began!

As a consumer, I am very disappointed that any retailer would endorse and/or sale this extended warranty. We have yet to receive the laptop back from WLI - so lets see if their history of damaged items is consistent.


My TV was sent to them for repair by the service plan I bought through Kmart. My television was sent to them in perfect condition other than the blown speakers.

When it came back to me there were two long cracks in the plastic casing that surrounds the TV and a big scratch on the left side. I immediately called and arranged to have them pick it back up. We plugged the TV in since it was going to be a few days and the speakers were still blown. So not only did they not fix it - but they damaged it cosmetically.

I have sent it back to them again, we'll see what happens. What ***.

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