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the company informed me that they would call me in 24 business hours. I had to figure out on own that 24 business hours means within 3 days and not within a day.

This is the the company that I am dealing with. Non responsive, liars who could care less that a simple process like shipping an all in one box vs a lap top box to begin a warranty repair should not take 3 months. I wish I could get a face to face meeting with someone from that company.

A simple box to mail my PC back to them.

They shipped me the wrong box 3 times! I am at my wits end!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I'm glad I read all the complaints my ps3 just started acting up and my warranty is through this company after reading all this I decided to not send it in and get scammed thanks for letting me know guys will just wait and buy a new ps3


On the 3rd repair they returned the item still unrepaired. This time however they broke it to avoid having to reimburse us for the repair.

They held it for 9 days and then took a hammer and pried it open. I'm am out of $500. This company has not ethics or honor.

It took 10 months 3 returns and nothing. I'm calling then AG office on Monday


My TV has been sent back for a fourth time. The first two times they said they replaced sound elements.

They did not tell me specifically what those elements were. I'm pretty sure nothing was replaced b/c my TV was returned both times to me with the same problem. The third time I got it back with paperwork saying the problem could not be recreated. I'm sure this is standard procedure b/c they have a no lemon policy saying if you return it three times for the same problem they will replace your item with a new one...therefore, they will never admit three times in a row that your item cant be fixed.

Sent it back a fourth time b/c after I got it back the third time, there was no audio at all (a new problem).

I'll never buy the extended warranty or VIZIO again. JUNK.


They finally called me back and admitted that they coded the unit as a laptop improperly at the begining of the process. They claim to be sending me a new box 2 day shipping.


lets see how this goes!


Unfuking believable! They shipped the 3rd box...another laptop box.

I finally got someone to look a little further than the tip of their nose and they said, " oh we must have code it as a laptop improperly'....I wish they were a local company. i would waste the 600 just to throw the unit thru their window!

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