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I paid a premium for an extended warranty for my Ipod Touch. After about a year and a half it's touch screen suddenly stopped functioning.

I sent it into the warranty company, and they just sent it back, claiming it had water damage to the audio jack, and therefore the warranty was void due to "water damage." First of all, the ipod has never been wet. Second, there was nothing wrong with the audio jack, but the touch screen was the problem. This is the second time I've sent my ipod in for repairs. The first time it was due to the on/off switch not working, which they said they fixed, but the day I got it back until now that switch has never worked.

Now they simply claim the warranty is void. So what was the point in paying for an expensive extended warranty? This company is fraudulent, and completely worthless. Do Not!

get an extended warranty from Warranty Logistics Inc. I hear they are the warranty company for Walmart, Target, etc...

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I sent my HP Touchsmart computer into them because the harddrive had failed...they told me to send them my recovery discs with unit...I did, but they did not upload all the discs...after a month the harddrive failed again, they fixed it, but did not upload my recovery discs...they would not help, instead sent me back to the manufacturer...they were derilect... :(


I, too, had an ipod they returned to me stating corrosion. Sorry.

If I pay for a 39 month warranty it needs to be covered.

Corrosion can get into any product with metal parts! I am continuing to pursue.


This place is horrible. I have sent my laptop in 3 times to them to be fixed and each time it was sent back.

The first time all they did was format it, I sent it in cause the screen kept freezing and going black. Sent it in again, this time sent back cause they claimed the screen was broken and other damage. Got it back and none of this was broken. The gal argued they had pics, I told her I have the laptop in front of me.

Had it for 2 days and sent back again, now they are telling me the same thing as you all, now its water damage to the motherboard. I know for a fact it was not from here. The second time they had it for 3 weeks and who knows where it was. I am so disgusted with the company and will never buy and electronic product at sams club again.

Since the problem with my laptop has not been taken care of, I ended up buying a new laptop, this time at Best Buy, where I can take it in, and see a real person. Complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau today.


I bought my son a $900 laptop from Sams Club as well as the 3 yr extended warranty they offered. I sent the computer to the warranty department when the hinge and then the frame around the monitor cracked.

Warranty Logistics sent it back with a ( according to customer rep) a standard refusal to repair for physical, liquid damage. The rep actually told me it was a standard letter!! After verifying with her that there was no water damamge, the the repair request was for the hinge/frame she still refused the repair. I went back to Sams club, spoke to a tech concerning another laptop, verified that if something similar to this damage would occur that the warranty would cover it.

Of course, was his reply, then when I brought out the laptop that's when he had to get the manager. She didin't even come out to speak to me, bad for her since when I was exiting the store I saw her and the two reps I was speaking to were all huddled around the paperwork I had brought with me. I'm so disgusted with both Sams Club and this warranty department that I may have to switch to doing business with another store. I will try again this Monday and then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

By the way, I spend around $1000 a month at Sams Club, I guess they don't need the business. This isn't over.

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