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First, I must say that the people I talked to on the phone were polite and genuinely seemed to want to help. The problem seems to be with the other parts of the operation.

The company replaced one of the two hard drives. I can understand their not getting it recognized by the computer. I never was able to get the Qosmio X505 to make a whole set of recovery discs. It may have had a less-than-perfect drive from the beginning. I only had a Repair Disc to send along.

What I can't abide is the absolutely lousy shipping boxes they use. I added padding to the box they sent me to send the computer to them. They sent the computer back in a larger box than they originally sent me. That was an improvement. But I worried when I saw how the box didn't offer much protection to the computer from the power "cube". Now I find that the top is cracked 2/3s of the way across. At first I thought it was a scratch. I could have lived with that. But a broken cover on the back of the screen isn't going to protect the huge screen. I know, I know, I could duck tape it, but that wouldn't stop it from flexing too much :-

Monetary Loss: $80.

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