I bought a Playstation 3 at target a couple of years ago and was told when I bought my extended warranty it was "hassle free." That was not the case. The first thing that went out was my internet, it would not connect and would freeze up.

Then I sent it in a year later because my games would freeze and my internet would not work. I sent it in three times and every time they said there was no problem. I even did a direct connection vs wifi and it still would not work. They claimed my internet was bad..

which is bunk because my two mac laptops, WII, wireless printer and wifi blu ray worked just fine. They would not fix it. I talked to a manager who promised to take care of me and just send it in. The company did not keep their word to me.

Sent it back as nothing wrong and the same *** was happening again. I ended up emailing the CEO of target and he made them take care of me and gave me an extra gift certificate for the hassle.

Major kudos to target for taking care of me and a major taking a *** on warranty logistics.. Avoid this company they are *** buckets..

Monetary Loss: $350.

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